Laptop, Hotspot and Equipment Support

Laptops and Hotspots

Need a laptop or hotspot? The Gavilan Library has a limited supply for you to check out! Here is what you can do:

  1. If you are part of a program (EOPS, Non-Credit, CTE, El Centro, AEC, etc.) check with them to see if you can get  laptop through them. You might get one faster with a program!
  2. Search the library catalog for Semester Laptop, sign in with your Gavilan login, and place a request.
  3. Check your email for communication from the library about availability and status of your request.
  4. Once you have received communication to pick up items, come see us in the library to checkout your items!
  5. Continue to check your email for notifications about how to renew, due dates, etc.

Laptops and Hotspots FAQ

Do I need to be a registered student to get a laptop from the library?

        Yes. You must be an active registered student.

How long can I have the laptop or hotspot?

        You check out the laptop or hotspot for the semester. If you need to renew for another semester, please check your email for the renewal forms when they are sent out.

 What if I didn't get a renewal form in my email?

        Please call the Library Circulation Desk at 408-848-4810 to help with renewal.

How do I fix a "hold" on my account?

        Please call the Library Circulation Desk at 408-848-4810 to help.

Technical Support for Laptops and Hotspot Connections

Instructions for connecting laptop to WiFi

Instructions for connecting Hotspot to laptop (Verizon):

If you have questions about equipment, contact us at or call (408) 848-4810


Last updated 02/05/24