About the Library - Gavilan College Library

Mission Statement

Gavilan College Library provides a safe, respectful and welcoming environment in which the educational community and its work are supported via the delivery of traditional and emerging academic research tools and methods, and where students are encouraged to explore, discover, investigate and develop research skills for personal, professional and life-long learning.

Gavilan College Library affirms the principles and details of the the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics including a commitment to patron privacy.

Library Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will use information technology tools to locate, retrieve, organize, and present information.
  • Students will increase their ability to state a research question, problem or issue.
  • Students will determine information requirements for the research question, problem or issue.
  • Students will use the library’s reserve course materials to assist them in their course work.


The Gavilan Library is committed to providing a pleasant, safe library environment and quality service. Please note the following expectations while you're in the library:

  • All library patrons are expected to behave politely and respectfully towards other patrons and toward library employees.
  • Please refrain from soliciting, selling or requesting signatures on petitions inside the library.
  • Please obtain permission from library staff before posting or distributing flyers and materials in the library.
  • Food & Drink: Please only bring beverages in closed or covered containers and snack food items to the library.
  • Brief low volume cell phone conversations are permitted, except at the computers. Please take longer conversations outside the library.


2023 Fall Semester (8/28-12/15)

Library Hours (In Person & Online):
M-TH 9am-8pm
Fri 9am-1pm

September 4 - Labor Day
November 10 - Veteran's Day
November 23-24 - Thanksgiving Break

2024  Winter Intersession (1/2-1/25)

Library Hours

In Person:

Tue-Thu 11am-2pm

Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day



Aleah Kropholler
Head Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4809
email: akropholler@gavilan.edu

Dana Young
Instruction/Technology Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4926
email:  dyoung@gavilan.edu

Tara Myers
Library Systems  Technician
Phone: 408-848-4810
email: tmyers@gavilan.edu

Amanda Long
Phone: 408-848-4810
email: along@gavilan.edu

Cesar Martin
Phone: 408-848-4810
email: cmartin@gavilan.edu

Meg Omainsky
Part-Time Librarian
phone: 408-848-4806
email: momainsky@gavilan.edu

Sandra Mendoza
Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4806
email: smendoza@gavilan.edu

Sandra Albini
Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4806
email: salbini@gavilan.edu

Dolores Wiemers
Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4806
email: dwiemers@gavilan.edu

Douglas Achterman
Part-Time Librarian
Phone: 408-848-4806
email: dachterman@gavilan.edu