How Do I? or Gavilan Library FAQ

Check Out Materials:

How do I check out a book or video?

Gavilan library has 60,000+ books, audiobooks and videos available for checkout. You will need your library card.

How can I check out a laptop?

Students can check out a laptop for 2 hours at a time with a library card.

How do I get a library card?

Students, staff and faculty will use their Gav ID number as their Library card. When the campus is open, you can activate your Gav ID card as your library card in the library during our open hours. Students  can get their ASGC card in the library.

When the campus is open, community residents can get a library card in the library. They will need a photo id and proof of residency in the district. 

How long may I check materials out?

Books and audiobooks...3 weeks
Videos and DVDs.........1 week
Laptop......................2 hours
Reserve items............Usually 2 hours in library use. Some materials have different loan periods.

May I renew an item?

Yes, as long as there is no hold on the item.

How many items may I check out at one time?

Up to 10 items, but negotiable if there is a need. 

May I order books from other libraries?

Yes. Materials that we don't have in our collection may be requested via Interlibrary Loan (ILL.) (ILL process) Items should be requested at the reference desk.

How long does it take to receive a journal article or book via ILL?

Depending upon the format, i.e. electronic or print, it can take from a few days to a few weeks.

May I place a hold on an item in the Gavilan College Library?

Yes. Library cardholders can place a hold on items that are currently checked out. Please contact the circulation desk.

What are the fines for overdue materials?

Reserves that checkout by the hour: $.60/hour/item, maximum of cost of book.
Reserves that checkout by the day or week: $1/day, maximum of cost of book.

Does the library have textbooks?

Sometimes. If the library does not have a text you need, the Gavilan College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks. Additional rental & purchase sites: Chegg, CampusBookRentals, CengageBrain, BookRenter,,, OpenStax College.

Does the library have copies of textbooks on reserve?

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve. If you don't know if your instructor put your course textbook on reserve, you can search the Course Reserve collection in the library catalog.

How do I find a book in the stacks?

You will find books on the shelves by their Library of Congress call number. Search the library catalog and make note about the location and call number. You can then use the library shelf signs to find your book's specific address.


What is GoPrint?

GoPrint is the system Gavilan uses to pay for printing. To pay for your printing, you will need a print card.

Where do I get a print card?

ASGC cards are print cards. You may purchase a standalone print card from a GoPrint card dispenser. Card dispensers are located in the Library, Computer Place, the Hollister and Morgan Hill sites.

How much to print on campus?

B&W prints cost $0.10/page. Color prints (available only in the Computer Place) cost $.50/page.

How much does a print card cost?

You can purchase a standalone GoPrint card for $1. The card comes with $.50 of value. You can add value to all print cards at the GoPrint card dispensers listed above.

Can I print from my own device?

No. To print a document that is on your device, save it to a flash drive, email it to yourself, or save it to a cloud drive. You can then access and print your document from a library computer.

Use library resources & services:

Can I access Library resources from off campus?

Yes. To access the online Library resources, you will need your Library card number or your GavID number.

Can I scan documents?

Yes. A scanners are located at LIB016 and LIB017 computers.

How can I use a library computer?

Locate an available computer and sign on with your Library card number or GavID number.

Can I access the Internet?

Yes. All library computers and laptops can access the Internet.

Does the Library have WiFi?

Yes. Gavilan provides a wireless signal all over campus. In order to log on to the wireless, you must be currently be registered in a Gavilan class. Your login is your GavID number and Banner PIN.

Does the Library have study rooms?

Yes and No. The library has a study room but does not have private group study rooms.

May I look at my email in the library?


Is large format printing or laminating available on campus?

There are no laminating services available on campus, and no large format printing is available to anyone who is not in an art or graphic arts class.

What software is available on the library PCs and laptops?

  • Adobe X Pro
  • DRC Accessibility Programs (Available on LIB006, LIB007, & LIB017 only)
    • JAWS
    • MAGic
    • Kurzweil
    • FS Reader
  • Internet Browers
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Access