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Workshops and Writing Resources
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Our Workshops
Additional Resources

Solving the Textbook Puzzle Presentation and Handout

Deciphering College Vocabulary Presentation

English 440/250 Portfolio Series

Cover Letters for Portfolio Presentation; Cover Letter Format; Cover Letter Activity

Critical Reading for an In-Class Essay Presentation and Sample Reading: American Men Don't Cry (summary)

Preparing for an In-class Essay Presentation and Sample Reading: American Men Don't Cry (annotated)

Revising your Essay Presentation and Handout

Getting Started Series

Effective Study Skills Presentation and Handout

Formatting an MLA Document in MS Word Presentation and Handout

Get Organized Presentation and Agenda Handout; My Week at a Glance Handout

Meet the Writing Center

Note-taking Strategies Presentation

Using the tools of MS Word Presentation and Handout

Moving Forward Series

Personal Statement for UC Application Presentation and Handout

Personal Statement for Scholarship and Handout: Writing a Personal Statement for Scholarship Essay

Preparing for the CSU Transfer Writing Exam and Handout: SJSU - WST Sample Test

Preparing Your Resume Presentation and Handout

Writing a Job Search Cover Letter Presentation

Ready to Proofread? Series


Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons

Research Series

Finding Sources

Evaluating Sources

Understanding Academic Articles Presentation and Article: The Role of the Internet and Social Networks in the Arab Uprising

Integrating Sources--APA and Handout

Integrating Sources--MLA and Handout

APA Style: Citing Sources (In-Text Citation & References) Presentation

MLA Style: Citing Sources Presentation and Handout: Let's Practice MLA Documentation

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Gavilan College Library Website

Start at the Gavilan College Library for all your research needs.

Purdue OWL

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue is a great source for all kinds of online writing help. Here you can find current MLA and APA Style Guides; examples of Annotated Bibliographies, Research Papers, Resumes; help with quotation, paraphrase, and summary; and other valuable information.

The Writing Center of Capital College (features a bank of common grammar questions & answers)


Junket Studies Tutoring (with a list of 11 simple writing rules)

Tips for Sessions in the Writing Center



New: Video Presentations of Our Popular APA Research Series.

Want to see another workshop presentation in this list? Let us know!

APA Style: Citing Sources (four sections)

Section 1: Overview of APA Citation

Section 2: APA Rules for Basic In-Text Citation

Section 3: Variations on APA Rules for In-Text Citation

Section 4: Creating a References Page in APA



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