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Arts Back in the Classroom

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Contact: Dr John Lawton Haehl

         jlawtonhaehl@gavilan.edu, 408.848.4860

 ABC Program debuts at Gavilan

This spring we launched an exciting new pilot program at Gavilan College called ABC (Arts Back in the Classroom). As a product of the California Public School system, I know firsthand the importance of early exposure to and participation in the creative arts. ABC is an outreach program that sends Gavilan Fine Arts faculty and students to local public schools to lead classes with elementary and middle school students. We participate in hands-on workshops with the classes exposing them to the magic of theatre, and providing an early awareness of college to the students and their families.

ABC sent actors from Treasure Island to talk with students about what its is like to be in a play, lead students through a series of theatre workshops, and finally help students stage a performance of their own. All ABC workshops incorporated the California State Standards for the Arts, and it is our goal to work closely with teachers to fit the individual needs of their classroom. ABC workshops were taught on Fridays and were free to the participating schools.

I’d like to share an email response from one of the participating teachers:

“Wow!  What a great presentation!  ….. My class thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they look forward to Friday morning.  I / we also appreciated the focused lesson--students had a clearly stated goal; it was reinforced and reviewed.  Absolutely solid teaching from my perspective.  The greatest part of the presentation is the fact that we are left with some common vocabulary, skills to work with and knowledge to build upon. … What a tremendous difference an instructor/instructors can make.”

Many thanks to Ladd Lane School in Hollister and Nordstrom School in Morgan Hill for participating in the ABC program in Spring 2007! If you would like more information about ABC, please feel free to contact me via email: jlawtonhaehl@gavilan.edu.

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