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Success Building Blocks

Office Location
Gavilan College
Student Success Center LI 139
5055 Santa Teresa Boulevard
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: (408) 852-2866

Semester Hours
Monday8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday8:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday8:00am - 5:00pm

Student Success Center
Our Team

Jessica Fromm

Jessica Fromm
Student Success Center Specialist & Departmental Assistant
Phone: (408) 852-2866

Hola everyone. As a Departmental Assistant here at Gavilan College, I work one-on-one with students, helping them overcome individual learning challenges. My goal is to elicit my students to become better learners by creating a positive educational environment where there is no such thing as a “dumb question.” With my background in journalism and mass media, I am particularly sensitive to the special needs of new writers, students learning English as a second language and those returning to the academic setting. I believe that it is imperative to take into account each individual student’s existing abilities, skill development needs and assignment goals. Discovering what works for each person I teach, and instructing them on how to make the most of that, is my greatest reward.

Vania Parakati

Vania Parakati

Student Success Center Counselor & Coordinator
Phone: (408) 848-4776

Hello and welcome to the Student Success Center. As the Student Success Counselor, I am available to meet with you one-on-one, to create an educational plan, help you determine your major, or address other academic concerns. As the center's coordinator, I also focus on developing services that support our students' success. If you would like to meet with me or if you have questions about our services, please make an appointment to see me or drop by!


maryam fard

Maryam Fard
Student Success Center Counselor & Early Alert Coordinator
Phone: (408) 852-2855

My name is Maryam Fard. I am the Early Alert Coordinator and Counselor. I work closely with your instructors to ensure your success. If you have any issues or concern about your classes and your progress, please contact me. Together, we will come up with an early intervention to overcome any barriers on your academic success. I also can assist you in exploring your major and developing an Educational Plan. To schedule an appointment with me, please come to the Student Success Center Lib 139, or call 408.852.2866. Looking forward to seeing you in Student Success Center!


Mary Ann Sandidad

Mary Ann Sanidad

Title V Activity Director
Phone: (408) 846-4945

My name is Mary Ann Sanidad. I am the Activity Director for the Title V grant, the source that has provided Gavilan College with the funds to start the Student Success Center. I am also an ESL instructor, so if you need any help with your English, please let me know. I am happy to help.

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