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CHEM 30A:    Elementary Chemistry

Advisory: Mathematics 205; eligible for English 250 and English 260.
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU-GE: B1, B3; IGETC: 5A; GAV-GE: B1, B3; CAN: CHEM 6, CHEM SEQ. B
This is a first semester chemistry course designed for majors preparing to take Chemistry 1A, nursing and allied health students as well as general education. The course will cover the principles of chemistry including properties of matter, energy, atomic theory, the Periodic Table, stoichiometry, elements and compounds, the properties of bonding molecular structure, chemical reactions, states of matter, acidic solutions and gases, as well as an introductory to organic chemistry.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
8036 L/L CH109 CLARK D 4.0 MTuWTh 0900A - 1100A  
    CH101 CLARK D     1100A - 0130P