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GEOG 1:    Physical Geography

Advisory: Eligible for English 250 and English 260.
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU-GE: B1, B3; IGETC: 5A; GAV-GE: B1, B3; CAN: GEOG 2
An introductory study of the basic physical elements of geography including climate, land forms, soils, water, and natural vegetation, The laboratory will include the tools and methods of geographers.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4407 L/L HOL4 WILLAHAN D 3.0 MW 0900A - 1125A  
Above class meets at the Hollister Briggs site
4408 L/L SS206 WILLAHAN D 3.0 DAILY 0900A - 0235P 11
Class meets 01/03/06 - 01/19/06


GEOG 2:    Cultural Geography

Advisory: Skills commensurate with successful completion of English 250 and English 260 or equivalent.
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU-GE: D5; IGETC: 4E; GAV-GE: D2, F; CAN: GEOG 4
A survey of human geography including historical geography; geographical techniques and methodology; social, economic and political geography; demographic studies; distribution of language and religions; folk vs. popular culture; agriculture, industry, and globalism. This course has the option of a letter grade or credit/no credit.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4409 LEC MHG4 BUMGARNER M 3.0 MW 0900A - 1015A  
Above class meets at Morgan Hill Community site