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PHIL 1:    Introduction to Philosophy
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU; CAN: PHIL 2
Philosophy 1 is intended as a survey of the major areas and traditions of philosophy. The course examines central and significant questions about the meaning of life, who determines what is morally right or wrong, the ideal society, the various notions social justice, what is reality, and many other ideas. In pursuing these questions, students will be asked to read texts from writers around the world, both contemporary and ancient, discuss current events, and apply 'theory' t movies such as "The Matrix" trilogy, novels, and any other relevant application of the student's own choice.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4506 LEC SS205 AARONS L 3.0 MWF 1110A - 1200P  


PHIL 2:    Logic
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU; CAN: PHIL 6
Philosophy 2 is intended as a survey of the primary approaches to argumentation and what has been traditionally called 'correct' reasoning. Students will learn techniques of both deductive and inductive argumentation, basic symbolic logic, how to spot a fallacy, as well as how to apply these techniques to other aspects of their lives outside of the classroom. While logic is often quite formal, th goal is to see the practical application of this discipline. Students will become acquainted with the cultural variations to reasoning in addition to the standard Western focal approach.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4507 LEC SS205 AARONS L 3.0 MWF 1010A - 1100A  


PHIL 4:    Critical Thinking and Writing
Prerequisite:: English 1A
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU
This course is designed to introduce the relationship between critical thinking and critical writing in a way that will be both enjoyable to the student and helpful in other aspects of life. The student will learn techniques of critical thinking, playing close attention to the current events, movies and popular media, music lyrics, as well as the textbook. Students will learn to identify deductive and inductive arguments and be able to evaluate their strength, create a strong argument of their own on a given topic, as well become experts in the area of critical analysis. The goal is to enable students to become strong, well informed, articulate members of the community as well as individuals with an empowered sense of self as an agent of change.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4508 LEC CJ500 JOHNSTON M 3.0 TuTh 0945A - 1100A  
4509 LEC SS205 AARONS L 3.0 MWF 0910A - 1000A  


PHIL 5:    Critical Thinking
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU
Critical thinking is a theoretical study and practical application of logical argumentation; uncritical and critical thinking; the dialogical dialectic; the encoder-decoder process; communication symbolism and intensities; critical thinking qualities and strategies; language, acceptability, sufficiency, and relevancy fallacies; extended arguments; and critical thinking applied to advertising and the mass media. Assignments include at least five separate written discourses totaling more than six thousand words and four major exams; both objective and subjective questions.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4510 LEC MHG11 JOHNSTON M 3.0 MW 0900A - 1015A 65
Class meets at the Morgan Hill Community site


PHIL 6B:    Philosophy of Religion
Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU
A reflective examination and analysis of the meanings and beliefs involved in religion and the religious experience. Introductory study of such topics as the nature and grounds of religious belief, relation between religion and ethics, nature and existence of god, problem of evil, and what can be learned from the religious experience. Additionally, the student will discuss the impact of religion on society, social norms, and the political impact of religion.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4511 LEC CJ500 LUTZ-ALLEN S 3.0 TuTh 0810A - 0925A  





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