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ANTH 9:    Cultural Context of Childhood

Transferable: CSU; CSU-GE: D7; GAV-GE: D2, F
This course examines cultural influences on child-rearing practices, family values, and human development. Perspectives from the social sciences will be used to explore what is common to all Homo sapiens and what is specific to the culture of the United States. Students will explore their personal assumptions and attitudes towards diversity, and practice implementing non-stereotypical, developmentally appropriate, anti-bias activities, interactions and environments in order to respond to and intervene against prejudice among children. This course is also listed as CD 7 and PSYC 7.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
0075 LEC MHG4 BUMGARNER M 3.0 MW 1120A - 1245P 25
Above class meets at Morgan Hill Community site