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CWE 190:    Occupational Work Experience

Required: Declared vocational major. Concurrent enrollment in seven or more units (including CWE units, except for summer school. For summer school, enrollment in one other class is required). Minimum 2.00 G.P.A.
Transferable: CSU
Occupational work experience for students who have a job related to their major. A training plan is developed cooperatively between the employer, college and student. (CR/NC grading) 75 hours per semester paid work = 1 unit. 60 hours non-paid (volunteer) work per semester = 1 unit. May be taken for a maximum total of 16 units.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
0242 WEX BU125 KERR L 1.0 TBA 0000 - 0000 16
0243 WEX BU125 KERR L 2.0 TBA 0000 - 0000 16