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Noncredit Program

This program is open to all students and currently offers classes in basic literacy, short-term vocational and other classes of interest to the community.

All classes are free of charge. There are no tests, no quizzes and no letter grades. Registration will take place in the Admissions & Records Office or on the first day of class. Students should contact the Noncredit Office directly with any questions or for further information at (408) 852-2824.

What is Noncredit Instruction?

A noncredit course is a course which, at a minimum, is recommended by the college and/or district curriculum committee (The committee described and established under Subdivision (a) (1) of this section) and approved by the district governing board as a course meeting the needs of enrolled students.

Noncredit courses are offerings designed to meet the special needs and capabilities of those students who do not desire or need to obtain unit credit. These courses provide remedial, developmental, occupational and other general education opportunities. These courses and programs are further defined categorically under the Education Code, Section 84711, whereby state funding is authorized for nine specific categories as follows:

  1. Parenting
  2. Elementary and secondary basic skills
  3. English as a second language
  4. Citizenship for immigrants
  5. Education programs for substantially handicapped persons
  6. Short-term vocational programs with high employment potential
Last modified: November 20, 2014
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