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The GavTV production crew tapes conferences, music shows, theater and other special events using top of line field production cameras  and audio.

When taping football games, local outdoor events and sports activities, the GavTV production staff uses a     remote trailer.

Visit the Gavilan College Television Studio where GavTV 18 tapes     News & Views Live!

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Media & Production Classes:

  • THEA 16: Intro to Television
  • THEA 17: TV & Video Workshop (hands-on studio)
  • THEA 19: TV & Film Acting
  • THEA 20: Intro to Scriptwriting

More Recent Videos

  • Gavazine! -September 20, 2012
    Gavazine! -September 20, 2012 from GavTV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of GavTV on Blip! blip.tv Gavazine! -September 20, 2012 See all episodes of GavTV blip.tv Visit GavTV's series page blip.tv
  • THEA19 FALL 2012 He's Over There
    Gavilan College THEA19 Acting for Film & TV students try out an exercise saying one line and trying to express feelings of sadness, anger, hapiness and fear.
  • Going Up?
    A collaboration of THEA19, History and TV Production, and THEA16, Acting for TV and Film, at Gavilan College. Co-directed by Instructors, Julie James and Teresa Widdowson. A screenplay written by Teresa Widdowson.
  • Speed_Therapy
    A collaboration of THEA16, TV History & Production class taught by Teresa Widdowson, and THEA19, Acting for TV & Film class taught by Julie James at Gavilan College in Gilroy, CA.
  • A Family Christmas
    A collaboration of the TV crew from THEA16, instructor Teresa Widdowson, and the actors from THEA19, instructor Julie James, at Gavilan, Fall of 2011.
  • Carol on Creativity, "Handmade Books"
    Join Artist Carol Peters as she and two students from Gilroy High School, Erick Canto and Karina Rivas, explain how to make beautiful handmade books.
  • Gavilan Connects-Lisa Bruce
    In this episode: Lisa Bruce of Unspoken Works
  • 2012 Bach to Blues Concert
    Enjoy the great music from Gavilan College Instructors, Professors, and local artists in this 12th annual fundraiser for the Gavilan College Music Department.
  • 2012 Bach to Blues Concert
    Enjoy the great music of the 2012 Gavilan Bach to Blues concert and fundraiser for the Music Department. Wonderful music from pianists to jazz artists!
  • Good Morning Gavilan - May 9, 2012
    Join host and Public Information officer Jan Bernstein Chargin and co-host and Gavilan student Andrew Rodriguez as they chat with guests Lydia Fernandez and Rosie Armstrong. Lydia provides information about the Walk Now for Autism walk and Rosie is the Senior Program Specialist for Community Education at Gavilan.



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