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Academic Counselors

Melissa Alforja
Phone: (408) 848-4776
Office Location: PB 11F
Mon, Thur = 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Our Mission

The Basic Skills Project targets students who, based on their assessment test scores, are placed into "below transfer level" English and Math courses and provides them with support and services to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful with their academic goals. Studies show that many of these students have little knowledge or experience of how to navigate the academic system or ask for assistance. They often become discouraged and have a higher likelihood of dropping out of college before they have completed the basic courses.

This project is designed to identify these students and assist them in obtaining appropriate services and resources, on and off campus, that may enable them to become academically successful and on track for achieving their goals. Partnering with english, ESL and math instructors, in-class workshops on topics such as study skills, time management and goal setting will provide students with practical tools, and intrusive counseling and an "early alert" system will identify and resolve student issues early in the semester. Students will be referred to the excellent categorical programs on campus such as DRC, EOPS, MESA, Puente and TRIO and those who do not qualify, will be provided one-on-one counseling services with a designated counselor. Our overall goal is to increase retention and persistence, and show a significant rise in numbers of students who enter at the basic skills level and ultimately earn an A.A. or A.S. degree.

We also believe it is imperative to provide resources and support to the faculty who teach and act as role models to our basic skills students. For those faculty identified as part of our pilot project for Fall '08 we will provide the following:

  • Faculty meetings, regularly scheduled with the Basic Skills Dept. to discuss progress, issues in and outside the classroom, and colleague collaboration.
  • A Moodle site has been developed and will enable communication, participation and resources--we are hopeful that this will be especially helpful to our adjunct faculty who are not always available to meet on campus.

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