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Associated Student Body

Welcome to the Associated Student Body (ASB)
of Gavilan College!

The ASB is the official student organization on campus that provides the majority of student input and recommendations on critical campus issues. The purpose of the Gavilan College ASB is to:

  • Effectively represent student needs
  • Keep students informed about student-related issues
  • Promote cultural, social, and leadership opportunities for all students

Through participating in Shared Governance at Gavilan College, the ASB is committed to giving voice to the entire student body. In addition, joining the ASB is a great way to have fun, learn leadership skills, and become involved on campus.

We encourage you to:

Please email Dr. Blanca Arteaga, ASB Advisor with any additional student resources we can add to the ASB website.

For further information, questions, or suggestions, please contact the ASB.

Fall 2014 Office Hours for the First Week of School



ASB Officer

Monday 8/25

8am-12pm; 1:30pm-4:30pm

Joey Hayes

Tuesday 8/26


Joey Hayes

Wednesday 8/27


Joey Hayes

Thursday 8/28


Joey Hayes

Friday 8/29


Joey Hayes

Need to take your ASB Card Picture?

Grace Cardinalli, Student Services Executive Assistant, will be available
Monday-Friday (8/25-8/29) 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm in the
ASB Center Office (the office with windows) located in the Student Center.


Last modified: August 21, 2014
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