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Gavilan College JumpStart

Student JumpStart





What is JumpStart?
JumpStart is a program for students who want to complete their English and math pre-requisites quickly. Students spend each semester focusing on one subject and building a strong foundation in the basics.

Who Can Enroll?
Students who have completed Gavilan’s Placement Assessment and are eligible to enroll in English 250P, English 260P, Math 411 (Fall only), or Math 235.

How Will I Benefit?
• Complete your English and math prerequisites quickly.
• Receive a high level of support from teachers, counselors, and peers.
• Work with a designated Student Success Counselor to plan your studies.
• Participate in exclusive workshops and events.

To learn more about our program, watch our video:

Registration for Spring 2015 begins in November. To sign up for one of our accelerated classes, you MUST attend one of our Advising Sessions in the Student Success Center:

Tuesday 11/18 at 10 am

Wednesday 11/19 at 1 pm

Thursday 11/20 at 10 am or 11.30 am

Monday 11/24 at 12.15 pm

Tuesday 11/25 at 12.50 pm or 2.30 pm

Wednesday 11/26 at 2 pm

Monday 12/1 at 10 am or 3 pm

Tuesday 12/2 at 12.50 pm

Wednesday 12/3 at 12 pm

Thursday 12/4 at 11 am

Tuesday 12/9 at 10 am

Wednesday 12/10 at 2 pm

For more advising session dates, or to make an appointment with a JumpStart counselor, call (408) 852-2866.

Contact us:

Student Success Center - LI 139
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd
Gilroy, CA 95020
Tel.: (408) 852-2866



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